Tips To Boost Your Wifi Signal Strength

Internet usage has been increasing steadily ever since it has been introduced to the general public. With huge leaps in technology, there are plenty of easy and fast ways of accessing the internet today. However, Wi-Fi seems to be the most user-friendly and frequently used option. In case you are experiencing slow internet speed and unable to stream online videos even after connecting through Wi-Fi, there are several ways to overcome this troublesome issue.

To improve the performance of your Wifi, you will first need to have a basic understanding of the router. The router serves as a device that passes data to and from the internet connection to the other devices on the home network. Most of the time routers work consistently without a hitch, however once in awhile, they run into some issues which can mess up your Wifi productivity. Here are a few easy tips to try out your hand at attempting to boost the Wifi signal in your home:

Upgrade Your Devices
If you are using an older router which is not up to par with the current standards being implemented, it will affect the internet speed offered by your Wifi. You can solve this issue by updating your hardware which offers a larger range and better signal strength. You can also install a wireless N card in the router as well as a computer system to boost the internet speed further.

Find The Perfect Spot For Your Router
The router needs to be placed in an open spot without any obstructions or walls nearby for it to perform to its best ability. Experts recommend placing the router somewhere in the middle of the house to get a better Wifi signal throughout your home. In case you place your router near metal shelves or cabinets, the chances are that your signal strength is going to be lower than expected.

Remove External Interference
People residing in apartments tend to often complain about poor Wifi signal strength. This is mainly caused by the interference of the signal brought on by the routers belonging to your neighbors. You can overcome those by using tools like Wifi analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler.

Improve Your Wifi Security
Many people make the mistake of using simple and easy to remember passwords for their Wifi network, making it easy for anyone to connect to it. You can stop this by replacing your Wifi password every one month and making sure it has a mix of numbers and alphabets that cannot be easily hacked.

Improve Your Transmission Power
Another way of boosting your Wifi performance is by increasing the Xmit power of your router. However, this might cause your router to get overheated and become damaged very soon as a result. Make sure you read all the information about your router before opting to follow this tip.

Replace Your Antennas
Antennas are excellent signal boosters if they are in good condition. You can try replacing your existing antennas with new ones to boost your Wifi signal strength and enjoy faster internet access.