8 Amazing Discoveries The World Is Talking About

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. This quote is in perfect sync with the recent progress in the field of science. What was once rubbished as a story of a fragmented mind is now an integral part of the human life. Some of the groundbreaking discoveries have revolutionized the way we perceive the Universe. It can be the elixir for medical problems and there is no way to deny this fact.

1. Matters Of The Heart
Heart transplants will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the growth of stem cell technology that can help grow a heart from the components of blood plasma. It is easier to replace hearts that have been damaged by disease or illness. Look at this like a matrix where the stem cells are cultivated to form the heart and other organs of the human body.

2. Harnessing Wind Power
Utility Xcel Energy and GE has partnered with the National Center for Atmospheric Research to collect relevant information from wind turbines. The data can be used to build efficient turbine engines and identify suitable locations that receive maximum wind. Using this technology it is possible to reduce pollution by adopting renewable sources of energy.

3. Smart Computer Chips
No doubts a computer is ‘smart’. How about a neuromorphic computer chip that can predict your next move? They can be integrated with brains to build powerful devices that form the basis of Artificial Intelligence. Imagine how the world has changed if your smartphone can predict your next move due to these smart chips.

4. Genetic Mutation And Clone
Dolly the sheep will soon have competition. Scientists at the University of Berkley have identified the different ways of creating animals. It is predicted that this technology can lead to a new generation of living beings that are devoid of any genetic defects. It also means parents can choose the color of eyes, skin and hair of their new-born.

5. Printers That Convert Raw Materials To Finished Goods
Imagine if you can turn lithium into battery or a tissue into a patch of skin. Sounds too good to be true? Scientists at Harvard University are working on a 3D machine that can convert raw materials into products. When put to use, it is possible to create drugs, injections and other biological substances at a microscopic level.

6. DNA Dictionary
There is a dictionary for words and encyclopedia for world events. How about a manual for DNA? You can turn to ENCODE or the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements that consists of all the parts of the human gene. Scientists can use this manual to find cure for life-threatening diseases and there is a wide scope of making genome engineering easy and interesting.

You have access to knowledge like the working of a gene and the mutations that are responsible for the surge of diseases.

7. God Particle
At the Large Hadron Collider, things have turned interesting. The discovery of Higgs boson have led the scientists to question existing beliefs of modern physics and the Universe in itself. This particle is the smallest element in the Standard Model of Particle Physics and has opened up paths for better nuclear power.

8. Fault in the stars
The Voyager I was successfully launched into space, which means objects created on Earth have made their way into interstellar space. That the probe will take a million years to reach another solar system is a different story altogether.